Dos and don’ts if your beloved mobile falls in water

What to do and what not to do if your phone is dropped in water… What not to do if your phone is dropped in water… ● We usually try to turn on the phone when we
accidentally drop our phone in water .
no Don’t make this mistake even if you make a mistake.
Do not try to turn it on at all .
● If you thought that charging
will make the inside of the phone hot, and the water inside the phone will dry up,
then I say you are thinking very wrong.
Never charge the phone immediately if it falls into water .
●Do not press any switch on the phone. ● Do not
expose the phone to water immediately .
Water can seep in further.
Or that the part where the water did not go, the water can also enter there
. The damage will increase to your phone.
● Hot air should not be given to the phone at this time.
What to do if the phone is dropped in water…
● Phone in water or
if you find that the phone does not turn off by itself as soon as the phone falls in water,
then turn it off immediately.
● If your phone has a cover,
open the cover first. ● Open all the parts of the phone and keep them
separately .
remove SIM card, battery and microSD card. ● Wrap
the phone with a dry towel or paper .
Try to make the paper absorb as much water as possible
. ● Take care
that the water outside the phone does not flow inside . ● Place in a rice drum in a ziplock bag .

● After 2 to 3 days, remove the phone from the rice drum,
insert the battery and SIM card and turn it on to see
if it is working properly.
● If you see the phone still not turning on, then
charge the phone. If you see that it is not charging, then
try to put a different battery in the phone.
● If the phone still does not turn on or charge, then
definitely get the mobile repaired in the shop.
● And if the phone works fine after changing the battery
, then keep an eye on the phone for a few days. See
if it gets hot while charging.
Or is there any other problem?

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