Best way to succeed in blogging

If you want to become a successful blogger, then first of all you need to know the basics of blogging. Can’t run behind traffic at the start. Think of your blogsite as a brand, not a blog, and put your 100% effort into it. Informative tuning Always try to give the best and correct information to your audience. Which later that audience will help your blog to rank.

I have seen many bloggers publish articles using catchy titles. But the tune inside doesn’t match the title of the article.

For example, the title says “Loof 500 rupees from Bikash app by working for 5 minutes” but if you go inside it will be seen that they may have written about some feature of Bikash app, which has nothing to do with earning, or written a cow essay. Never do such a thing, it will lose trust among the traffic and later they will never visit your website again and will not refer anyone else.

Maintaining regularity

Always publish content on a regular basis. Never tune 2/3 hours at a time and take a break of 3/4 days. Give one content every 2 days or 3 days. That is, maintain consistency. If you maintain the consistency of the content, tune will easily get indexed in Google and your blog will start ranking in Google.

Building community

You need to build your own blogging community by constantly sharing informative and unique content. You can create a community through newsletter subscriptions, Telegram channels or Google News. This will strengthen your relationship with the audience and increase website traffic several times.

Reply to Tument

You can easily create a good bond with the audience by replying to the comments. Also, by replaying the content, you can know the needs of the audience and the opinion of the audience about your blog. So always replay in audience’s tument. Never ignore any feedback, be it positive or negative.

Short paragraphs

Instead of using large paragraphs in the article, use small paragraphs. Keep paragraphs of maximum 3/4 sentences. Short paragraphs increase the length of the article as well as reduce the bounce rate . Write articles in short sentences as well as paragraphs.

This will increase the readability of your article and make the article SEO friendly.

Last words:

Blogging is a long term process. You will never succeed in blogging overnight. For this you have to work hard with patience. Don’t get discouraged or discouraged and keep working. Remember, once success occurs you never look back.