6 Types of “Cyber” Criminals and How They Work

Nowadays, computers and internet are being used everywhere in the present day with the increasing convenience of technology. Nowadays most of our work is done through internet. These jobs may be of any government organization or private organization.

Money transactions are also done through the Internet, that is, almost all types of data exchange is done through the Internet in one way or another. And these days user devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones are connected to the Internet. As a result, crime has also started on the Internet.

Every day many people are stealing other people’s content. Someone is hacking someone else’s computer. Someone is destroying the data of other computer through virus. And this is how cyber crime is constantly increasing and so are cyber criminals. Today my tune is about cyber criminals. Let’s learn it slowly.

A person’s personal data or information or institutional important information is accessed by hackers without permission using various electronic tools. Then the information is stolen, destroyed or simply known. Then ask for money from the user. These are basically cyber crimes.

Cybercriminals commit crimes in various ways. Today I will discuss some of the methods by which most cybercriminals commit crimes.

One thing we can clearly see from the various types of cybercrime is that cybercriminals are looking for opportunities to build close relationships with networks. They want to compromise the network. So, since we are all internet users, it could be me or you who is the next cyber crime victim. That is why we have to take measures not to fall victim to them or to protect ourselves.

So, if we don’t know how they work or how they attack, how can we protect ourselves?

Cybercrime, cybercriminals and cybercriminals’ working methods must first be understood. Only then can you take steps against them or create a protective shield for yourself. The more knowledge you gain about them, the stronger your protection will be. That is, we have to convert our knowledge into power. Cyber ​​security must take high steps to curb cyber crime.

Who are cybercriminals?

If a person commits a crime using the internet, then that crime is a cyber crime and the person who commits the crime is called a cyber criminal. Cyber ​​criminals can be any person or any group of persons who use computer and internet illegally i.e. use cyber world illegally to harm others or do harmful things.

Cyber ​​crime is also primarily for financial gain. They steal, destroy, alter or infect others’ data for their own benefit. They commit such crimes for the purpose of self development. They know very well about human behavior and also have computer skills. And they know techniques like cross-site scripting (a type of attack that injects Java code into the victim’s web browser) that help them get into the victim’s computer network system. Thus they enter the network system and carry out attacks.

Cybercriminals often work very slowly. That is, they don’t pick anyone as a victim out of the blue. Basically they don’t have any specific prey in this case. We often click on various unknown links, enter various unlicensed websites and sometimes download malware files from these sites. As a result, our important sensitive information goes to cyber criminals. This is how gradually a lot of our information goes to them and we become their target or prey.

But this is not always the case. In some cases, any of us can be specific targets or victims of cybercriminals. In this case, the attacker will only collect information about you and steal your information anyway. And the consequences of these attacks are very terrible. They don’t just stop with money after these attacks.

Usually such attacks are done for gratification or revenge or to leak your sensitive information on the web. In the case of girls, releasing their pornographic images online is much like that. Leaving girls’ numbers on social media due to personal grudges is also a form of cyber crime. The constitution of each country has made laws for these crimes. These crimes can be punishable as punishment for the actual crime. For example, fine, jail or even hanging.

6 Types of Cyber ​​Criminals and How They Work

Cyber ​​crimes are constantly taking place in the internet world. And different types of cybercriminals work differently. There is also diversity in their work. Due to the diversity of their activities, cyber criminals can also be divided into several types.

And each of them has its own working style which is unique in nature. To protect ourselves from them i.e. cyber criminals, we must be able to identify their modus operandi. Modus operandi is the practice or manner of working presented by investigating a business or crime.

There are 6 types of common cybercriminals that I will discuss today. For example-

  • 1. Hacktivists
  • 2 .Script Kiddies
  • 3. State Actors
  • 4. Insider Threats
  • 5. Scammers
  • 6. Cybercrime Groups

The modus operandi of cybercriminals is unique. So we will know about cyber criminal one by one for protection. Let’s take a closer look at cybercriminals.

1. Hacktivists

Some cybercriminals form a group known as hacktivists. They come together to attack network systems based on an ideology (an ideal opinion based on a few important opinions that are very close to the truth or opinions that are true) or ideology. These opinions may be political, social or religious. In some cases it may be a personal opinion. A combination of proactive attacks and hacking is what hacktivists do.

Usually most hacktivists don’t like to reveal their group name i.e. they stay anonymous. They do not give the name of their group. But some hacktivists do. They are infamous in the world. Among these notorious hacktivists are DkD[|, Cult of the Dead Cow, Syrian Electronic Army, Anonymous, WikiLeaks and LulzSec etc. Their cyber attacks are so terrible that you cannot even imagine.

They work in various government agencies. They also attack various multinational companies. They can even victimize influential people of the country. In other words, they do not hesitate to do injustice to anyone.

Hacktivists use a variety of tools to leak, steal, or destroy an organization’s information. They send their message to the victim and attract the attention of the organization or organization thereby serving the interests they are attacking.

2. Script Kiddies

Another type of cyber criminals among cyber criminals is Script Kiddies. They are also sometimes called Skiddies and Skids. Usually people with less experience belong to their group. They use software and scripts to carry out cyber attacks.

A script is a list of active commands that can be used to easily manage a computer or network system. Criminals in this group usually operate using effective software and programs developed by other skilled hackers. They have no knowledge of developing or updating their own software. They don’t even know how to create or modify a program. So imagine how little experience these people have.

Script kiddies always find or love to find easy ways to hack any software, computer and network system. Its complex does not like to find other ways or spend intellectual energy to find new ways. It is relatively easy to take cyber security measures against them.

Such cyber criminals do not do these things for financial gain. They commit these crimes to have fun with their friends or to show their little hacking knowledge to their friends.

They are mainly juvenile cybercriminals. Their main targets are admins of insecure websites. In many cases they attack school or gaming network systems. Because there is little hobby of gaming in teenagers. And some people hack the school network system to know the exam questions.

3. State Actors

State actors are also a group of cybercriminals who are associated with the state or government. They work with the help or orders of the government. Behind them are the orders of big leaders. Due to the force of the leaders, these criminals target other governments, individuals or institutions.

Since they operate under government mandates, they do not need to pay an apology to access any network system. Because they are already authorized to enter the network system. That is, any network system is licensed in advance to illegally gain, create, steal or even destroy data.

A country is run by the government of that country. And for the security of the country, the most skilled military intelligence forces and hackers are appointed by the leaders of the state. These military forces work according to the instructions of the government. That means the government has a highly skilled military with the ability to hack any network system. And many government leaders also commit crimes using these officials which remain invisible to us.

Since these criminals have government support, they have no fear of being arrested, so they roam the network system without fear.

Governments use illegal data held by State Actors. Because running a country requires many things. Be it legally or illegally, it is necessary. These illegal data are needed to turn the country’s economy from unfavorable to favorable or to maintain favorable economy. State Actors Cybercriminals are needed for the country. Because the economy of the country should be kept favorable.

4. Insider Threats

There are some cybercriminals who threaten victims secretly. These groups of cybercriminals are called Insider Threats in English. Attacking the security system of an organization and threatening the victim is such a crime.

These criminals are usually ex-employees of an organization. In the case of businessmen this person may be a former business associate. These are the people who have the necessary data to enter the network system i.e. login. However, these crimes may not always be committed by ex-employees. That is, in some cases the current employee may also misuse his login access.

These cyber attacks are much more dangerous than in real life. Its damage can lead to huge loss of money. Just as domestic enemies are more terrible than external enemies, so are they more terrible than external enemies.

nsider Threats are of 3 types:

  • The malicious insider: These are the employees currently working in the company who attack voluntarily.
  • The negligent insider: A negligent employee who is the victim of negligence and who inadvertently discloses sensitive information due to human error.
  • Third-party or mole: This could be an ex-employee who is able to access the network system and cause harm to the organization.

5. Scammers

Scammers are also one of the cyber criminals among cyber criminals. Scammers are a bit more familiar to us than other cybercriminals. They use a special type of fraudulent scheme, making it easy to get money or valuables from the victim.

They target less experienced people as their victims i.e. people who are not skilled in modern technology especially computers. Because they cannot recognize the real and fake schemes of the internet world. As a result, he stepped into the trap.

All these cyber criminals scam through text messages, phone calls and emails. Many times they pretend to be representatives of big companies and take money by selling fake visas, fake lotteries or anything else fake. They don’t send the product most of the time and in some cases they send something in reverse.

Such cybercriminals go to dating apps and scam them there too. People who are basically looking for real romantic partners present themselves as romantic people and then cheat them and run away with the money. So we must be careful from Scammers

6. Cybercrime Groups

This group of criminals is also known as hacker group. The members of this group are also not keen to mention their names i.e. they also prefer to remain anonymous.

They often work with hackers and develop the tools, software, access, information and scripts required for hacking. Many times they create tutorials for people who are interested in hacking and build a huge community with them. Many of us develop a hobby of hacking and take advantage of this behavior.

If an organization wants to check the cyber security of their network system i.e. to find out which vulnerabilities a hacker wants to hack or how to hack, then they hire Cybercrime Groups.